Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

This traditional four-year program provides students with the most options in the culinary field. Students begin with the basics, followed by advanced skills, practical restaurant experience and in-depth study of the cuisines of the world.  And to promote students’ entrepreneurial spirit, they will learn how to plan, build, promote, run and sustain a flourishing food-related business while gaining the necessary language, math, computer and communications skills needed for success.  Students will gain solid culinary skills as well as a strong business foundation through:

  • Cooking skills and techniques, both fundamental and advanced, that prepare graduates for fine-dining kitchens and other foodservice operations
  • In-depth examination of international cuisine, including Latin and South America, the Mediterranean and Asia, as well as nutrition
  • Business skills, from finance to marketing to personnel, which prepare students to plan, build, promote and sustain a food-related business
  • Real-world experience through externships at local, national or international establishments as well as leadership opportunities via our teaching assistant program

B.A. in Culinary Arts Program Data